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Halloween is a special time for family and friends to get together and enjoy the
day by using your own imagination to disguise yourself as some other character
and even role play.

Halloween brings people together and is a special moment to dress up and delight
yourself, family and friends, loved ones and others. Also, it's a good way to
meet other people, such as, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and make new
friends! A nice halloween costume is a conversation starter and you can become
the center of attention. There are plenty of characters to choose from that suits
the needs of adults, teens, children, infants and even your favorite pets. The
next halloween gathering or party with friends should be very exciting and fun.
There are so many characters to choose from that the list seems endless. Do you
want to be funny, scary, sexy, mysterious, a super hero, animal or maybe even

Why is a good halloween costume important? Well if you want to win a local or
major contest it can lead to nice prize! Some night clubs and lounges or local
pubs hold costume competitions and offer prizes for the best costume! prizes can
be cash awards, checks, money orders, vouchers, ticket prizes and other. Also,
having a terrific constume is just plain old fashion fun! You can be unique at an
event and get some major attention. Some fine halloween costumes to consider are
demons, clowns, vampires, super heroes, monsters, artists, musicians, historical
figures, sports figures, these are just some examples.

Ideals for this halloween festivities: 

Women - Lady Gaga, police officer, pirate, seductive woman, playboy bunny, devil,

Men - swat, pirate, male stripper, devil, vampire, spider man, batman, hulk,
frankenstein, robber, robot, comedian

Teens - superman, ninja, cat woman, villain, old fashion gangster, captain

Children - ghost, super heroes, baseball player, football player, dog, cat,
sponge bob, dora the explorer  

We hope that we provided you with some good suggestions here for an amazing time
at your next halloween or costume social event! Be sure to visit our cool
halloween costumes blog as well for more costume ideals and tales, or stories!

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